October 19, 2019

Human Duracell Bunny

The inimitable Arianna Huffington was speaking in New Zealand last year. Founder of The Huffington Post and listed as the 52nd most powerful woman in the world by Forbes, to say I was excited is an understatement. Arianna has always fascinated me. Not only is she a media and political heavyweight, what appeals to me Read More

When Other People’s Lives Look Sorted And Yours Doesn’t!

“I should be married by now, everyone else is,” says one. “I should have kids by now, all my friends do,” says another. “I should own my own house/be mortgage free/have my retirement plan sorted/be the boss/own my own business by now,” says the third. “I should have figured out what my passion is. Why Read More

Is this the year you finally learn to love your body?

Would you like this year to be the “Year Of Your Best Body?” Of course! Who wouldn’t. No shortage of ways to achieve that right now! Maybe the route to the YOYBB might be the 6am bootcamp signup? Maybe it’s quitting sugar? Perhaps it’s the personal trainer to drive up the skill and motivation levels? Read More

Living Your Passion

Many people are itching to do something different and Live Their Passion. A new career. Run their own business. A new industry completely. Work from home. Re-train in something totally unexpected. Live my passion! Live the Dream! Nail that Life Work Balance! They talk about this much. Much much talk. But ultimately, very little do. Read More

Your Words are Wands (no microphone required!)

I spoke on Monday night to a full house in Auckland, in a shared gig with Jason Shon Bennett, author and all round wellness rock star. It was a truly awesome evening, the stage was MASSIVE though – and I have to confess to a few nerves before I stepped up – but the laughs Read More

What To Do When Something “Just Doesn’t Add Up”

We’ve all had occasions where something happens or is said that “just doesn’t add up”. It’s a weird sinking sensation, an air of puzzlement that seeps through your whole body as your brain tries (and tries, and tries!) to figure it out. Tries to make sense of something but failing, unable to shake the vague Read More

6 Simple Ways To Make Today A Great Day No Matter What’s On Your To Do List

Yep, I know life is super busy right now. And we aren’t even in the run up to Christmas yet! I want you feeling calm, positive, and on purpose knowing you have the power to make every day great, no matter what’s in it. That a great day is something you have so much more Read More

A Tribute To An Amazing Man Who Died This Week

Today’s column is dedicated to the late and very great Wayne Dyer who passed away this week. One of the grandfathers of personal development and non-denominational spirituality, prolific author and speaker, Dr Wayne influenced so many countless lives for the better. Wayne Dyer’s work spoke volumes to me in my darkest days. And it lifts Read More

Guilt Free Life-Work Balance

 I’m here in Bali and it’s just faaaabulous darling! It’s been a five day fiesta of yoga, meditation and detoxing and I have to say I am feeling amazing. (I am vaguely thinking if I organised a Life Coaching + Yoga retreat to Bali next year for you guys – it could be a beautiful thing? Read More

How Facebook Could Help You Be Naturally Fit and Healthy

Are you on Facebook, darling? Of course you are. I have an acquaintance who hates it and calls it “me-book” because it’s all so “me me me”. I can see her point, but I have to say I love the way it keeps me effortlessly in touch with all my friends and family overseas, and Read More