October 19, 2019

The #1 Fear That Blocks You From Living Your Life’s Purpose

Man Diving Into SeaSo many different scenarios of living life of purpose, but always the same underlying reason. Do any of these ring a bell with you?

  • The middle manager who really wants to be a nutritionist but is scared it won’t work out and they can’t make money.
  • The gorgeous girl who has been unlucky in love and is reluctant to get into online dating, or, who does it but then cancels the dates at the last minute.
  • The busy mum who wants to get fit but can’t get a consistent exercise programme going.
  • The new lawyer who graduated with hard won degree but it absolutely loathing dragging themselves in to the law office each day, but slapping on a brave game face.
  • The Dad who loves his family but hates his job, yet can’t leave because he is the breadwinner.
  • The girl who wants to travel and do her OE but has no one to go with so doesn’t book it and never goes.
  • The girl who does the part time training in massage and wants to make a living out of it, but is too scared to make the leap.
  • The spouse who is desperately unhappy but can’t have the conversation to either improve or leave the marriage.

It’s so easy for us to “get by”, day after day. Not truly connected with what makes us happy and fulfilling our life’s purpose. And then the next day, and the next day after that. And before we know it years have gone by in the “it’s okay” zone, but the amount of time we feel truly connected, alive and at peace is next to nothing.


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