October 19, 2019

The Secret No-one Tells You To “Letting Go”

Letting GoIt’s healthy to “Let Go”, we are told.

It’s healthy to let go of past hurt. Resentment. A Broken Heart. Pain. Anger. Grief. Being Used. Being Abused. Lied to. Abandoned. Betrayed. Whatever your particular flavour of hurt.

“Just Let Go – you will feel better” they say.

And we know that is true.

That if we could let go of that tight ball of pain that lies so heavy in our heart, that would be just awesome. Thanks so much for the advice.

So, we want to Let Go. We do. We know it will be The Way Forward.

So we want to. Oh boy, do we want to.

But. How do we do it? How do we Let Go? And, what if we can’t? What if we just can’t find a way to Let Go. What then?

The reality is “Letting Go” sounds very appealing, and is very easy to say, but it can be oh so hard to actually do in practice.

Here’s the thing.

Sometimes…you just might not be ready to Let Go. It’s too hard because you are just Not Ready Yet.

And that’s okay.

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