May 26, 2017

Thriving Versus Arriving

Tweet: Thriving versus Arriving #shinebright @FlexHappyHere’s a thing I hear a lot.

Smart people. Pushing hard to make their life a success. Make stuff happen so they can be happy.

Get the bigger house. The baby. The cute spouse. The bach. The overseas trip. The promotion. The passion-fuelled soul-business. The qualification. The body. The reno. Get mortgage free. The investment property. Another child. The white picket fence.

Once those things are in place, well then we’ll have “made it”. Arrived. Got there. And that is a thing worth striving for, no? To arrive. That’s what it’s all about.

Or is it?

Here’s the THING.

There. Is. No.“ARRIVED”.


Perpetually seeking “arrived” is CODE for deferring your happiness. It’s making your happiness dependent on a future possible external consequence.

We keep striving for arriving and all it’s doing is keeping people stressed out.

We never “make it”. Get all the ducks in a row. Doesn’t happen.

Why? Because “making it”, that END POINT is not a real outcome in life. Life is not built to have that definitive “made it” point. Life is mean to be an ENDLESS PROCESS OF EXPANSION. Fulfilling one desire is the route to ANOTHER desire being born within us. Fulfilled desire breeds new desire. We are never “done”. It’s about continual expansion, not completion. We never truly “arrive”.

How different would it feel to put our focus instead on THRIVING, rather than the false promise of arriving?

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