April 24, 2018

Very helpful to keeping our bodies flexible and our spirit relaxed

I didn’t really know much about yoga except it was an option on my nintendo wii-fit game. I’m a yoga noob!! I’ve been attending Positive Balance yoga for 1 1/2 years now and I love it!!! The owner and yoga instructor, Louise Thompson is delightful! I’m a plus sized woman and sometimes it’s not easy to do the yoga poses (asanas) gracefully. Louise is always supportive and encourages me to work within the boundaries of my body shape and to try my best even if that means modifying the asana slightly to receive its benefits. One of her sayings is that ‘this is not a competition’ which I appreciate so much in this 21st century – where competition and stress are normal. So instead of feeling like a loser because I can’t do the ‘crow’ or ‘half headstand’ poses, I can sit back in another pose and openly admire my classmates who can do it! At the end of each class session, we do a relaxing technique called ‘final relaxation’. It’s *so good*! I mean seriously-good-should-be-bottled-up-and-used-liberally-everyday-good!! I sometimes fall asleep during it (sorry for the snoring!) It’s the one thing I would gladly listen to every night to put me to sleep! It’s THAT good! I enjoy yoga with Positive Balance so much, that I got my 6’5″ husband to join me. He’s been doing yoga for about 9 months. We do the intermediate level together. We agree it’s very helpful to keeping our bodies flexible and our spirit relaxed after a busy day, plus some quality spouse time is a bonus! So if you’re interested in yoga, I highly recommend Positive Balance and Louise Thompson!

Haunani Pao
Rated 3/3

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