April 24, 2018

Week #4: If you think you can’t afford it, how to get what you want without breaking the bank.

How do you FEEL about money, honey? This is a FEELING question, not a DOLLAR AMOUNT QUESTION.

The answer should give you some insight about your dominant emotion round money.

Maybe you feel uneasy. Worried. Happy. Joyful. Secure. Unsafe. Elated. Maybe all of those things at different times.

Here’s the thing: we never want money for money.


We want money for the feeling state we think it will bring.

Because here’s the thing. Money itself is just a socially convenient form of energy exchange. A guy (or gal!) uses his energy and time to fix our car; we exchange that energy in the form of dollar bills. We go to work, and give time and energy to a job; we take fair exchange in the form of dollars in the bank on a monthly basis.

We give money so much emotional power. All it comes down to is that it’s a social convenient way of exchanging energy between humans. Nevertheless – we give it the power to make us feel Safe. Elated. Broken. Fearful. Joyous.

All we ever want when we want more money is HOW THAT MONEY WE WANT WILL MAKE US FEEL.

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