May 24, 2020

Welcome to the Complaints Department

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I have a complaint to make! Specifically about the amount of complaining that goes on. Go on, tell me, list it right now – what’s one thing/person/situation that’s really winding you up in your life right now? Something that’s been winding you up for a while. Go:


Okay. Now list for me the last person you told about this problem.


And, just for good measure – what would be a great resolution for you to this totally annoying sitch?


Roger that. So here’s the thing. What is horribly common with most ongoing complaints, is that pretty much most of the time we don’t take the complaint to the person or place who can actually do something about it. We complain to our spouse about the marketing department delivering creative late again. We complain to our peer that one of our staff or our boss isn’t pulling their weight. We complain to our best friend that our partner doesn’t help round the house enough. We tell the boys that the golf pro is always late turning up for the scheduled lesson. We tell the lady in the coffee shop on the adjacent table that the coffee is good but the cake is a bit dry. We tell the girls that the day care doesn’t do as much educational play as they should. We tell everyone on Facebook that the flight was delayed. And so on.

Essentially we take our complaints, not to the Complaints Department, but to Menswear On 3, or Home Furnishings in the basement.  And sympathetic though those departments may be, they cannot fix the problem. And so whilst we may feel temporary relief at venting, the situation continues, and continues and our complaining continues.

Why do we so often take out complaints somewhere other than the source? It’s strange when you think about it, given that it’s only the source who actually has a potential shot at fixing it? So why do we do it?

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