October 19, 2019

What Does “Be Present” Actually MEAN, and How Do I Do It?!

freebies“Live in the moment”, “Be present”: that’s how to be happy, apparently.

I know, we read it over and over, and hear it A LOT. But, how do we actually DO that?! It sounds so simple, it’s said so often it’s become a cliché, but it doesn’t come with any instructions. I know I used to hear it and think:

“Yeah. “Be present”. Thanks for sharing Yoda, got it, but HOW? What do you actually want me to DO?”

When we are not monks or living in a yoga ashram, how do we actually DO that in real, everyday life?

It’s a great question and one I hear often. Living in the present is intimately connected with our happiness, so taking the time to figure out a strategy that works for us in real everyday modern life is time really well invested.

Essentially, for me, what “Be Present” means – is that MY MIND IS IN THE NOW. And the “Now” is WHERE MY BODY IS NOW.


If my body is doing the washing-up and stacking the dishwasher then my now is the washing up, that’s the present. So it’s appreciating the fact I have a dishwasher, that it’s something my grandmother could only have dreamed of, and stacking the plates neatly inside.

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