February 25, 2018

What is at the heart of your resolution? Is it Resolve? – Part 3

What is at the heart of your resolution? Is it Resolve? - Part 3

Another part of our discussion on New Year’s Resolutions this week. I hope yours are coming along a treat! If not, I hope there is something here to inspire you to make that change you desire stick this year.

I want to start by looking at the language of the word ‘resolution’ itself.

New Year’s Resolution is a term that has become shared code for “this thing I do in January that I sorta kinda know won’t really last but I get really excited about for at least the first 4 days, then I just feel guilty and hope no one asks me about it”.

New Year’s resolutions have become a kind of collective joke we are all in on. We all go through the motions of discussing them together, and they sell a zillion magazines screaming about the “New Year! New You!” However, we start a resolution with the “oh well – at least you tried!” ringing in our ears almost before we start! No wonder the majority of resolutions fail at the first hurdle – our definition of resolution has become a communal byword for temporary intention.

Resolution is actually so much more than that.

Read on right here.

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