October 19, 2019

What were the Top 5 blog posts of 2016?

Here is a round-up of my Top 5 blog posts of 2016 – as voted by YOU! Did your favourite make the cut? What were the Top 5 blog posts of 2016?

#5 Super Simple 3 Step Process To Make Sure You Have Your Best Year Yet

There are 3 steps to keep you aligned and on purpose this year. It’s easy, and it’s powerful. When you consciously bring yourself back to the themes you set for the year with each choice you make – your best year will unfold almost effortlessly.

#4 My instant mood booster trick

Want to know a magic trick where you can instantly change your mood and motivation just by changing one letter that you habitually use? Of course, you do. Who doesn’t want to feel more enthused and less resentful, to procrastinate less and do more?

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