August 19, 2017

New Classes at the Church

Introducing, Mums & Bubs and Yin yoga!

Carly 6Yin Yoga

$180 (inc mat)

Available Thursdays 9:15am

When was the last time you slowed down? I mean actually slowed down? Noticed your breath. Noticed your body. Seriously – this modern world is fast paced, I even gobble down a cup of tea and walk so quickly, sometimes talking on my phone, I forget the intention of what I’m meant to be doing.

Mindfulness in the modern age is near impossible.

Yin Yoga is the perfect ante-dote to modern life. I first discovered it during my teacher training and decided everybody needs to have some yin to counteract our yang lifestyles!

Yin is a floor-based practice, often assisted by props (bolsters, blankets, straps and blocks.) It works deep with the fascia tissue for the ultimate release. Tight hamstrings. Achy backs and necks. Sore shoulders. And the rest.

Under the careful instruction of Jo Eng, this is a practice you will grow to love and your body will want more of!!

This delicious quiet, still practice of Yin yoga not only helps us to release the often deeply-held tensions of the physical body, it also helps us to calm and quiet our overactive minds. It allows us to come of out that state of constantly ‘doing’ and into a state of simply ‘being’.  It is a deeply nourishing practice on all levels – physical, mental and emotional.

Class fee includes a mat to take home.


Mums & bubs yoga

$230 (inc mat)
Available Thursdays 10:30am

I’m delighted to be bringing Mums and Bubs Yoga to Northcote Point from July 2017.

As a new Mum again myself, I have found the practice of a yoga class with my baby (Freddie – 3 months) one of the highlights of the week!

I invite you and your baby to join us on the mat, regardless of what your night was like the night before.

This practice is most certainly not about holding strong poses, more about connecting with your baby, starting to move your post-natal body in a nourishing way, and meeting like-minded people with similar aged babies. Mums and Baby’s accepted up to crawling age only please (class gets a bit tricky otherwise!)

Class fee includes a mat to take home.