December 6, 2019

Your Teachers

Positive Balance is blessed with two fabulous and committed teachers who believe in creating an oasis of relaxed “me-time” for you each week. We follow the same tried and true Positive Balance class format, with the same beautiful flow and rhythm between action and relaxation, whilst bringing their own style and energy to class. Whichever teacher is guiding you each week, you will experience the same flow and format and know you will leave class having worked every muscle and joint, feel challenged and energised as well as experiencing that delicious relaxation component. Come and join us!


Favourite Colour – Any variation of Bluecarlyflynn-profileoval

How do you have a Positive Balance? Really only through Yoga. As a busy working Mum of three getting to class can be a real effort, with a hubby or babysitter stepping in, but i’m always grateful to be there and everyone knows I come home in a better space!

I’m trying to have less social media in my life – a massive distraction from doing things that really matter, and I make sure I try and schedule in some individual time with each of my children to truly connect. Wednesday nights are date night in our house, which with a brand new baby, often means takeaways at home 

I love the sunshine, spending time in the garden, time with my girlfriends having a walk, wine or coffee. All of this fills my cup!

Favourite place in NZ – Seriously? One!? Taupo, Hahei, Takapuna Beach, Tauwharanui…

Best place in the world: – Lady Elliot Island, Rarotonga, Wananau in Fiji, Thailand, Byron Bay

Favourite saying – “you’re only one yoga class away from a good mood” – TRULY! When do you ever feel bad after yoga????? I also quite like the idea that “tomorrow is a new day”, a chance to start fresh.

When was your first yoga class and why did you decide to teach? Byron Bay 2013. Not my first class, but the first one I truly GOT it. I realised that yoga is not really “exercise”, but the asanas are a way to bring us to the mat, and then what happens is just magical. Calming, life changing. Love it.

Your favourite asana: Pigeon Pose I love! Happy Baby. Crane!

What three words describe a great yoga class for you:
Warm. Present. Relaxed.
I love to be acknowledged by my teacher in class, to know that they know whatever is going on in my body, they have my back. I also like it to be physically warm, not cold!

I love beautiful music and sunshine if available in class. Or a warm blanket for svasana if it’s night time.

As a teacher I like the idea of being able to go with the flow a bit. To bring some personality and sass to class! If we have a class planned that’s quite energetic, but everyone walks into the room and lies down, I like to be able to read the room and change the practice to what I feel people need. Not be too stuck in my sequence.

I like to tune out to everything bar my own body and breath. It’s the only 75mins in my day when I can do this –free from the busyness of life. I often do a lot of my practice with my eyes closed so I can truly connect with my practice.



Favourite Colour – Turquoise, orange, green, well that’s three;)!

How do you have a Positive Balance in your life? Yoga for sure to help the silence inside me become greater than the mind chatter. Creating space in my body so that I create space in my daily life is why I practice. When I connect to the breath and movement, I gain awareness and perspective before reacting to daily challenges. And to balance with yoga, I love slalom water skiing, intense physically and mentally where being in the now and in your zone is key. Travel, surfing (only east coast beaches on a beautiful sunny and hot day please;), hiking and camping also make my heart sing.

Favourite place in NZ – Too many but currently I would have to pick Opoutere and lake Tarawera

Best place in the world –  To hard to choose so Seychelles and Great Barrier island

Favourite saying – “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step” Martin Luther King jr

When was your first yoga class and why did you decide to teach? OMG Positive Balance was my first yoga class, 7 years ago I think in 2009, the compassion that poured out of it was so inspiring and teaching has always been my calling.

Your favourite asana? Child pose, so nurturing!

What three words describe a great yoga class for you?  Alignment, nurture, peaceful.

Proper alignment with core strength to build safe flexibility and using my breath as my guide throughout my practice leaves me nurtured and peaceful at the end of a class.



Favourite Colour: YellowYoga Teacher - Bernie

How do you have a positive balance? Definitely yoga – I do my own practice every morning and I go to a class once a week so I can zone out and just enjoy being led by another teacher. Getting out in nature is also great for balancing my mind, body and soul. I try to get to the beach for a walk every morning and I live across the road from an amazing bush so my husband and I take the dog for a bush walk most evenings.

Favourite place in NZ:  The beach. We are so blessed to have so many options in NZ!

Best place in the world: Tahiti for the beaches. Paris for the romance and culture.

Favourite saying: “What you seek is seeking you” Rumi.

When was your first yoga class and why did you decide to teach?  I was struggling in a corporate job with chronic stress and neck and shoulder issues, someone mentioned yoga to me and I decided to give it a shot since then I have been practising yoga every week. After almost ten years in the corporate world, I decided it was time for a change. Yoga had been an amazing tool for me to create balance in every area of my life. I decided I wanted to become a teacher so I could share this amazing technique with others.

Your favourite asana: Sun Salutations – they are amazing for creating balance and energy.

What 3 words describe a great class for you? Revitalizing, balancing and reconnecting (with yourself).