September 22, 2019

Yoga Timetable

Positive Balance has been proudly teaching yoga here since 2005. There are 4 yoga terms each year that correspond roughly to the school terms. Simply browse the calendar below to find out when the next term starts and select the course and time you prefer, then click on the purple ‘Book’ link to book your place online. Easy! Places are limited so please book in plenty of time. All classes are held in Northcote on Auckland’s North Shore.

So how do you book?

It’s really easy: you can book online through the website using your credit card or you can pay by direct credit to the account detailed here. Or you can just email me right now and I’ll do it for you and get you booked in straight away. Let me know which level/class you want and get in early because it usually sells out!

YES, WE ARE OPEN AND WE ARE TEACHING ON PUBLIC HOLIDAYS! They are some of our busiest classes. If you can’t make it – no problem – you have all term to make up your missed class in any other class of your choice.

Your Term pass is COMPLETELY flexible WITHIN the term, but is non-transferable and non-refundable BETWEEN terms (for any reason). If you miss a class, or you have other plans – no problem – please just make up your missed class in any other class of your choice. No need to check with us, just turn up and enjoy 🙂

Term 1 2019 Yoga at The Church

Mondays5.45pmIntermediate10$1754th Feb8th AprilBook
Mondays7:00pmIntermediate10$1754th Feb8th AprilBook
Tuesdays5.45pmIntermediate10$1755th Feb9th AprilBook
Tuesdays7.00pmBeginners10$1905th Feb11th AprilBook
Thursdays5.45pmBeginners10$1907th Feb11th AprilBook
Thursdays7:00pmIntermediate10$1757th Feb12th AprilBook

Term 2 2019 Yoga at The Church

Mondays5.45pmIntermediate10$17529th April1st JulyBook
Mondays7:00pmIntermediate10$17529th April1st JulyBook
Tuesdays5.45pmIntermediate10$17530th April2nd JulyBook
Tuesdays7.00pmBeginners10$19030th April2nd JulyBook
Thursdays5.45pmBeginners10$1902nd May4th JulyBook
Thursdays7:00pmIntermediate10$1752nd May4th JulyBook

Term 3 2019 Yoga at The Church

Mondays5.45pmIntermediate10$17522 July 23rd SeptemberBook
Mondays7:00pmIntermediate10$17522 July 23rd SeptemberBook
Tuesdays5.45pmIntermediate10$17523 July 24th SeptemberBook
Tuesdays7.00pmBeginners10$19023 July 24th SeptemberBook
Thursdays5.45pmBeginners10$19025 July 26th SeptemberBook
Thursdays7:00pmIntermediate10$17525 July 26th SeptemberBook

Term 4 2019 Yoga at The Church

Mondays5.45pmIntermediate10$17514 October16th DecemberBook
Mondays7:00pmIntermediate10$17514 October16th DecemberBook
Tuesdays5.45pmIntermediate10$17515 October17th DecemberBook
Tuesdays7.00pmBeginners10$19015 October17th DecemberBook
Thursdays5.45pmBeginners10$19017 October19th DecemberBook
Thursdays7:00pmIntermediate10$17517 October19th DecemberBook

Please note that you are very welcome to make up any missed classes WITHIN the term, in any class of your choice,  if you miss a week due to illness or any other commitment. This is WITHIN a term only – classes cannot be carried over between terms and refunds are not available.