May 24, 2019

Your Best Blogs of 2015

My 10 Best Wellbeing Blogs Posts of 2015 As Voted By You + My Favouritebest_blogs2015

It always fascinates me to see which blogs you guys like the most. It’s never quite what I think it’s going to be! It goes without saying of course you guys have immaculate taste – here ranked from #10 through to #1 are your favourite posts of the year as determined by readership (page views) – plus my favourite post of the year. This round up is a great way to check back on your favourites plus to catch up on any that you missed – hopefully all whilst relaxing on holiday! It’s a great selection – touching on intuition, exercise, money, luck, happiness, and problem solving.

If you have any topics you want me to cover in 2016 – I am all ears – just drop me a line. As ever, it goes without saying you can expect a year of inspiration on four dimensional wellbeing – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual – right here

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