January 18, 2018

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Stack_2“The Busy Woman’s Guide to High Energy Happiness”


Good Golly Miss Molly I have written y’all a book! The more client’s I coached to optimum wellness, and to optimum life awesomeness the more I realised I was teaching the same tools and techniques over and over again. How to let go of beliefs that are limiting the way they think, and limiting the space and energy in their lives.  Perfectionism. Feeling “not good enough”. Pleasing others all the time at the expense of what you need. Feeling overwhelmed. Trapped in a vortex of busyness. Serious stuckage in one area of life, maybe career, or relationship: so stuck you can’t see the way through. All these things are SO common. And can feel SO crap! And can also be habits of a lifetime that keep up separated from a life of maximum joy, engagement, energy and connection. Seeing clients embrace the tools and create their own life of passion and purpose has been thrilling. Same tools but their own personalised outcome. Powerful. Actionable. Insightful. Inspiration in action. This stuff works! Hence the book and the e-programme. I can only work with a limited few one on one, so I wanted these tools to be available to anyone, anywhere in the world. Anyone who feels tired. Or exhausted. Or overwhelmed. Or stuck. Or just has that nagging feeling that “there’s more to life than this”. In school we are taught WHAT to think, we are not taught HOW to think. And actually this is the most powerful secret of them all! That’s what you are going to learn in this book and e-programme. In “The Busy Woman’s Guide to High Energy Happiness” you will learn how to break patterns that have drained your energy, or made life smaller and less shiny than it should be.
In this book you will:

  • Hear my story  – from tired and worn out corporate exec, bedridden Adrenal Fatigue sufferer, to wellness professional with energy to burn! Boom!
  • Have access to insanely practical action steps to help you put in place the techniques you need to live life with passion, purpose and positivity.
  • Understand your unique triggers for tiredness, and how to address them in a way that will revolutionise how you think about self-care versus selfishness.
  • Learn the “Belief Harmony” method you need to build healthy habits that will nourish you in mind, body and spirit that you will sustain for life.
  • Real life stories from some of my amazing, extraordinary clients on how they have changed their thoughts and then changed their worlds: these women will inspire you! Ordinary women making extraordinary choices.
  • Have a taster of the unique and pretty damn amazing High Energy Happiness e-programme that is the companion to the book for those who want to develop the tools in the book in even greater depth. Meditation audios, yoga videos, personalised workbooks…it will be live when the book hits the shelves…more on that here!

This book was a labour of love for me, nearly two years in the making! When I collapsed with such severe Adrenal Fatigue that I was bedridden for many months it was hellish. But you know I believe so strongly that that experience happened not to me, but for me. For me so I could learn what I did, in order to put this book out into the world. For all the tired, busy overwhelmed men and women who need a way to cut through the clutter of life and the haze of exhaustion. I wrote the book I needed when I was frazzled and overwhelmed. I wrote it for me. I wrote it for my clients. And I wrote it for you.

Really important!  When entering your address in the order form, please be sure not to use PO Boxes as couriers can’t deliver to these.  This dose of happiness comes straight to your door so physical addresses only please.




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