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Yoga Timetable

Positive Balance Yoga Outdoor & Online Classes


Vinyasa Flow – 515pm

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Slow Flow – 7pm

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Outdoor Flow – 5.30pm

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5 Concessions


Beginners 7pm

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Yin – 6.30pm

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unlimited for the 12 week term
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Our ten-week Beginners course is designed for the absolute Beginner. Here we will safely guide you through a comprehensive 10 week Hatha class giving you an overview to a Hatha style Yoga Practice.

Corporate Yoga Classes

Corporate Yoga Classes are available for groups of ten or more – please email

Styles of Positive Balance Yoga

We teach a Hatha style Yoga which is nourishing for the body mind and soul! Classes include Vinyasa, Slow Flow and Yin style. Pranayama (breathwork) and Meditation are all important parts of our Positive Balance Yoga Teachings.


Raise your vibration, and build your physical and emotional endurance. The foundations of this practice are sun salutations, followed by unique and changing sequences designed to warm you into your practice, provide variety, and work your entire body; building flexibility, strength and good postural alignment. A practice for all levels, Vinyasa includes a little modern-day philosophy, allowing us to take learnings from our mat into the world and live authentic, powerful lives.


The world has required us to take a more Yin approach to the way we live our lives. More gentleness, more softness, more empathy. The perfect balance to other ‘yang’ styles of yoga and exercise, Yin yoga exercises the tissues of the body in a way, unlike any other yoga practice. Long postures gently and safely stretch the deep connective tissue of the body, leaving joints supple and opening up energy channels in the body. Providing an opportunity to slow down, relax, and receive the benefits of this meditative practice. The perfect practice for tight bodies, and busy minds.

Slow Flow

A slower version of the Vinyasa flow class, we aim to incorporate some longer holds with some complimentary Yin postures in class. The best of both worlds!


Beautiful second term completed and I am impressed with the quality of the teachers and majesty of the church. (Ben – 5 stars)

I have enjoyed the yoga this term and made more of a commitment to attend all classes. I’ve enjoyed both the physical flow classes and the Yin, possible more now my focus is mind space rather than flex! My aim is to attend two classes per week next term. Well done on running these yoga classes, a real bonus to have them in the neighbourhood. (Nick – 5 stars)

Everything about this Yoga class is wonderful. Great instructor, the flow classes are lovely but the Yin classes are the best! Love the extra touches of oils sometimes etc. LOVE MY YOGA! (Tash 5 stars)

Great mix of flow and long hold stretches (the bit I love the most). Always resets my mind and gives me a fantastic sleep that night. (Jodee – 5 stars)

I particularly enjoyed the “yin” class at Positive Balance, the yang class is also good and makes me work harder but the yin was a joy of stretching out the kinks. And the teachers lovely calming voice is amazing too. Interesting how we have to be reminded to breathe. Namaste (Frederike 5 stars)

Some parts of the class I found quite challenging which is a good thing; other parts I worked up a sweat (another good thing!).

I walked away after each class feeling taller and more relaxed. The breathing techniques I’ve applied when I’m in bed and find it helps with getting to sleep.

I’ll definitely look at coming to another class.


Have been coming to Positive balance now for 2 years, I absolutely love the classes especially on a Monday such a beautiful class.


Great mix of flow and long hold stretches (the bit I love the most). Always resets my mind and gives me a fantastic sleep that night. Jodee

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