Welcome to Positive Balance Yoga. Your Friendly Community Yoga studio helping you to Move Better, Sleep Better and Stress Less! We run 6 evening classes in Auckland’s Northcote Point during school term time; in a friendly, spacious and nourishing environment. Our classes include Vinyasa Flow, Slow Flow, Yin & a ten-week comprehensive Beginners Course.

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Tonia Dixon

Tonia’s style of teaching brings to life her passion for making yoga accessible to all. She values the process of self-enquiry, to help deepen our own understanding of ourselves and our individual journeys, on and off the mat.
She believes in understanding the “why” and focuses on introducing anatomy to her students to enrich them with knowledge of the physical form, as well as providing guidance into the emotional and spiritual benefits of yoga.
“I find it a huge privilege to be able to share my passion for Yoga, Movement, Anatomy and music, and to help people incorporate these practices into their lives. My core beliefs and values are of kindness to all, always have an open and inquisitive mind, be respectful of one another, and of course smile and have fun!”
Tonia has completed the 200 hour yoga teacher training and a further 65 hour Yin yoga and Myofasia Release teacher training. Tonia is also qualified in Sports Massage at AUT
Hannah, yoga teacher

Hannah Kerr

Hannah really look forwards to helping you connect with yoga as a potent and practical tool in stress-reduction and as a pathway to creating a more relaxed, easeful mind and body.

Whether you are embarking on your yoga journey as a beginner ready to discover the basics of yoga or are looking to explore a mindful flow practice where movement and breath is synchronised, she nutures an inclusive space, believing anybody at any age can benefit from yoga in their lives.

Hannah trained as a yoga teacher through Ashram Yoga almost 20 years ago with a balanced emphasis on asana (postures), pranayama (breathing practices), mediation and yoga Nidra (guided relaxation).

Her other spinning plates include being a mum and graphic designer so understands and is so happy to share how beneficial yoga can be for creating moments of equilibrium within a busy life. Hannah values your precious time on your mat and wants to help you make it as enriching as possible.

Jennifer Allen

Jennifer has been expressing herself through body movement for as long as she can remember. Hailing all the way from the USA, her journey began as a professional dancer and musical theater performer. Yoga and Pilates became the channels through which she maintained her physical and emotional wellbeing throughout an intense performing career in New York. Therefore it was a seamless transition into teaching.
Jennifer teaches a variety of classes and one-on-one sessions in Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Pre and Postnatal Yoga, Yoga Therapy, in addition to hosting workshops and teacher trainings locally and overseas.
Jennifer believes that the body is the vehicle through which we can express our deepest emotional selves. The union of mind, body and breath has the ability to connect us to our highest potential.
As a teacher she loves creating sequences of practice that move in distinct connection with the breath and the music, like choreography or a moving meditation. She loves the feeling of giving her students a whole sensory experience even within the constraints of 75 minutes.
It is amazing what we can achieve when we approach our yoga mat with an open heart and ready to receive what the practice has in store for us. She believes that a practice of safe, sustainable yoga means that yoga should heal, not injure. Her hope is that together we create a practice that nourishes the whole self and refills our energetic bucket.

Jillian Mclean

Jillian has a deep love of Yoga, Pranayama (breath work) and movement. Her Yoga offerings are designed to be energetic, balanced and empowering. Students are encouraged to become their own teachers, tuning into their inner truth and honouring their own unique body.

Jillian is trained in Embodied Flow Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Yin Yoga and Kids Yoga.

In addition to Yoga teaching, Jillian is a fully registered primary school teacher and a mum of two young boys, under five.

Jillian currently teachers Monday evening Vinyasa Flow and Slow Flow at Positive Balance.

Teacher Subs

Occasionally you might meet a new teacher in the studio. We have a list of fantastic Sub Teachers who can step in at any time, who know our Positive Balance style, many of whom have taught full time with us before.

Don’t worry if your regular teacher is away, we carefully chose our teaching staff to make sure all of our classes are consistently enjoyable and safe, no matter who is up front!

“Really looking forward to seeing you
on the mat soon”

Term 3 timetable 

We teach a Hatha style Yoga which is nourishing for the body mind and soul! Classes include Vinyasa, Slow Flow and Yin style. Pranayama (breathwork) and Meditation are all important parts of our Positive Balance Yoga Teachings.

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